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Nazi Breeding Farms - Lebensborn - On the Homefront

erschienen am 25. Januar 2022 bei YouTube
mehr als 3,3 Millionen Views (Stand Dezember 2023)

With high losses of German soldiers and low birth rates, the Nazis worry about who will inherit the Nazi paradise they are fighting to build. One of their ideas to breed a new Aryan generation is the Lebensborn association.

The Royals at War - WW2 Special

erschienen am 27. April 2021 bei YouTube
mehr als 85 Tausend Views (Stand August 2022)
From inspiring their subjects to plotting international strategy, the world's monarchies still have a crucial role to play in their country's war effort during the Second World War. As you'll find out, some sovereigns are much more successful at this than others.

Music to Win a War - Music of World War Two - On the Homefront

erschienen am 19. Oktober 2021 bei YouTube
knapp 65 Tausend Views (Stand August 2022)

With the ascent of the radio, popular music became an important cultural phenomenon for the masses throughout the world. Therefore, it is the perfect mouthpiece for Allied war propaganda during the Second World War. 

The World's First Lady - Eleanor Roosevelt - WW2 Biography Special 

erschienen am 11. Mai 2021 bei YouTube
knapp 40 Tausend Views (Stand August 2022)
She is much more than the wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and once she tasted political life, she soon followed her own interests, changing what it means to be a politician's wife. 

 Bildnachweis: Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash